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Browning M1919A4 Display Replica Semper Fidelis Guns of Liberty Marine 1

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The perfect addition to any military arms collection, or as your organization's Top Gun Award, the "Guns of Liberty" life size M1919A4 Browning replica is museum quality and 100% made in the USA. It features an operating bolt, extendable rear sight, functioning cover and cover latch and working military trigger. Whether sitting in your Jeep, on an M2 tripod or on display this replica looks and acts like the real Browning M1919A4.

In black, gun metal gray or OD green the "Guns of Liberty" M1919A4 Browning display replica is authentically detailed and a real head turner. Add the optional Ultimate Top Gun Award or the handsome display plaque in your choice of navy blue, scarlet or hunter green and create a singular military display. Each plaque has hanging hardware installed making it ready for that perfect spot in the den, game room, board room or office.

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1919a4 with Spade Grips

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Here's a new look for Mr. Browning's old favorite.

Add working spade grips to your 1919a4 for a truly custom look.


AA Configuration

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Browning M1919A4 Battle worn Display Replica  Guns of Liberty

Machine Gun, Caliber .30 H.B. M-1919A4

The Gun

From the stagnant trenches of World War I to the sweeping battles of World War II, from the frozen landscapes of Korea to the fetid jungles of Vietnam and every action in between John Browning's .30 machine gun has accompanied America's Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines through hell...and back.

The legendary history of Browning's .30 Caliber machine gun began to unfold when it was demonstrated in May 1917 at the Springfield Armory proving grounds. After firing 40,000 rounds without a malfunction at six hundred rounds per minute, the water cooled machine gun had stunned the military and government observers. Some refused to believe their own eyes.

To persuade the doubters another demonstration was held where Mr. Browning fired the gun for forty eight minutes without stopping, once again there was no malfunction. The weapon, designated M-1917, was recommended for immediate adoption by the Army and the storied history began.

After World War 1 the army realized the need for a lighter more mobile weapon system and Browning's M-1917 was modified into an air cooled version that became,

Machine Gun, Caliber .30 H.B. M-1919A4.