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Model 1914 Cavalry Bandoleer


Ammo Set

Original WWI Bandoleer

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This bandoleer is in fantastic shape considering its age and appears unissued and near perfect to me.
It is in the best condition of the small batch of three bandoleers I was able to obtain. It has a small amount of storage soiling on the back side, however as you can see in the pictures it looks great. All the snaps and Lift the Dots work perfectly and the canvas is very firm with no wear or tear that I can find. The manufacturer's mark and patent date are stamped inside the snaps for the pistol ammo pockets and read "CARR's PAT. '13." From the lack of wear I would venture to guess that this bandoleer is New-Old-Stock and never saw duty.

RARE U.S. Military World War One Era Issued Item

Marking the end of the cavalry era, this type bandoleer was among the last of the equipment developed for and fielded by the U.S. Cavalry. I have heard this called an M-1912 bandoleer however I have also heard that U.S. Military equipment expert R. Steven Dorsey calls this a Model 1914 cavalry bandoleer and states that this bandoleer along with the Model 1912 bandoleer were probably manufactured at the same time.

U.S. Military equipment expert William C. Machado was kind enough to send me an email on the this bandoleer and stated, " ... in my book, (Uniforms and Equipment of the last campaign, 1916: The pursuit of Pancho Villa) I list this bandoleer as a Model 1914-style. Yours was one of the last bandoleer made in 1917-1918. It was made in a V- shape not in a round shape like the first M-1914 Mills bandoleer. Your bandoleer was made by Russell and Company, who made a lot of military belts for the army. In my book on page 47-49 you will see a photo of your bandoleer."

The sixty .30 inert rounds included in this set are dated 1932 and are from the Frankford Arsenal. The stripper clips are the original two piece steel type.

Here's What You Get

1. Model 1914 Cavalry Bandoleer

2. Twelve Stripper Clips

3. Sixty FA 1932 rounds (.30-06) Inert

4. Two 1911 .45 Magazines

5. Twelve .45 ACP Inert